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Dave at City Winery Chicago, Nov. 12, 2014

Tom Currier on bass
Jonathan Lea

Tom Currier on bass
Tom Currier

Tom Currier on bass
Dennis Diken

 European release cover

Dave Davies Anthology (1964-1998) - Unfinished Business Updated 02-JUN-1998

The European version of the Dave Davies Anthology (1964-1998) was released by Castle on November 9, 1997. This anthology is markedly different from the U.S. release, largely due to licensing issues. This two-disc set contains the following tracks:

       Disc One     Disc Two
  1. You Really Got Me (mono)
  2. All Day And All Of The Night
  3. Beautiful Delilah
  4. Come On Now
  5. Milk Cow Blues
  6. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  7. Death Of A Clown
  8. Love Me 'til The Sun Shines
  9. Susannah's Still Alive
  10. Lincoln County
  11. There Is No Life Without Love
  12. Hold My Hand
  13. Creepin' Jean
  14. Mindless Child of Motherhood
  15. This Man He Weeps Tonight
  16. Mr. Reporter
  17. Strangers
  18. You Don't Know My Name
  19. Trust Your Heart
  20. Living On A Thin Line
  21. Rock 'n Roll Cities
  22. When You Were A Child
  23. Perfect Strangers
  24. Look Through Any Doorway
  25. Close To The Wire
  1. Climb Your Wall - unreleased stereo demo
  2. Imagination's Real
  3. Nothin' More To Lose
  4. The World Is Changing Hands
  5. Move Over - first-time release on CD
  6. See The Beast
  7. Wild Man - first-time release on CD 
  8. Body
  9. Is This The Only Way?
  10. Eastern Eyes
  11. Take One More Chance - first-time release on CD
  12. Charity - first-time release on CD
  13. Is It Any Wonder - first-time release on CD
  14. Cold Winter - first-time release on CD
  15. Fire Burning
  16. Freedom Lies - first-time release on CD
  17. Eternity - 1993 demo, previously unreleased 
  18. You're Looking Fine - live at Carnegie Hall, 1972
  19. Unfinished Business

Castle reports that the first pressing of this set has completely sold out. A second pressing was run, with "Gallon of Gas Blues/You're Looking Fine" from one of Dave's 1998 solo shows at the Bottom Line in New York City replacing the Kinks 1972 Carnegie Hall version of "You're Looking Fine."


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