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Tom Currier on bass
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Tom Currier on bass
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November 24, 1997 Grand Rapids, MI Show Reviews

Michigan This review first appeared in Kinks Preservation Society mailing list edition Number 758, November 25, 1997.

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 11:50:43 -0500
From: Fritz Milhaupt
Subject: Dave in Grand Rapids!!!

WARNING * WARNING * WARNING * WARNING This is another long-winded bit where I gush and rave about Dave... I'll try to keep it shorter this time, but am not making any promises!

The show in Grand Rapids was absolutely amazing- despite a turnout of only about 150 people, and the most obnoxiously drunken crowd of the Dave shows we've seen, Dave blasted through a stand-out performance!

Dave's cold doesn't seem to be much better, in fact he sniffled quite a lot and seemed to be sweating a lot and positively radiating heat. His voice was still in great form, though!

The last time I was in the building that's now the Orbit Room (13 years ago), it was still a struggling little two-screen movie theatre- its new role is a definite improvement, even if it doesn't have the character of the Odeon. I particularly liked the chest-height stage (without a "moat" like the Odeon's), which allowed us to get right up close.

Dave still seems to be having problems with his mic stand- he caught himself pretty hard in the mouth at least four times last night. I don't know whether they need to move the pedal closer, or switch him to a more vertical mic stand. And Monday night, it was Dave's turn to get a taste of the guitar cord problems that had plagued Andrew in Cleveland- when he switched guitars before starting "Wicked Annabella", the roadie handed him an unplugged guitar. A look of absolute puzzlement shot across his face for about half a second as he realized what'd happened, before he marched back and shot the roadie that tight-lipped grin that at least one of his siblings has grown to love and hate...

The play list Monday night was:

  • I Need You
  • Beautiful Delilah
  • She's Got Everything
  • Look Through Any Doorway
  • Suzannah's Still Alive
  • Creepin' Jean
  • Love Me 'Til The Sun Shines
  • Milk Cow Blues
  • Imagination's Real
  • Wicked Annabella
  • Lola Intro/"Channeling for John Lennon"
  • Picture Book
  • Strangers
  • Love Gets You
  • Too Much On My Mind
  • Death Of A Clown
  • Young and Innocent Days
  • Fortis Green
  • Living On A Thin Line


  • Lincoln County
  • You Really Got Me

I'd never heard "Young and Innocent Days" before last night-- it was amazing! Although Ray sang it on its album release, Dave made the song very clearly his own!

During the bit I list as "Channeling for John Lennon", Dave tore off into bits of "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Sunny Afternoon", "Waterloo Sunset", and some gibberish presumably directed to his non-corporeal friends... It was pretty funny.

Leslie's in absolute heaven (lucky she took today off!)- Dave had been flirting with the women in the front row like he always does, but before he started "Strangers", Dave asked Leslie's name, then dedicated it to her- her feet haven't touched the ground yet!

As I mentioned earlier, the crowd was the most drunkenly obnoxious bunch of any of the shows-- one drunken slob, wearing only a pair of overalls (in 25 degree weather!), actually marched around back and up on stage, until Andrew turned and looked at him, and a security guy hustled him off the stage. Another guy grabbed the play list off of Dave's monitor before the encores were over.

This show was also my sister's first real exposure to any form of Kinkdom. She had the time of her life- for somebody who'd heard maybe three Kinks songs in her life, Mary had a GREAT time! She spent the whole show mesmerized, her gaze fixed on Dave's flying fingers. It wasn't too surprising, then, that she left the concert repeating our mantra: "Oh wow, was that a great show, or WHAT?" She has been assimilated into the RDF Kollective! She needed it too, following the shooting outside her apartment last week that sent a couple of bullets through her bathroom!

Leslie passed up flowers right before ADAAOTN- he seemed touched (again, but didn't do the dance he did when he got Joanne's flowers in Cleveland), and set them down on the monitor. He came out after the encore to get them, signed a CD booklet Leslie had brought, asked where he'd seen her before (her dark eyes, red-brown hair and bandaged hand rather stand out!), then gave her a hug and a kiss! He also kissed Mary, though I dunno whether I like this guy kissing my sister ;-) I got my copy of "Kink" signed, and Leslie passed him up her last KPS bumper sticker, which he took with him.

The opening act, a local trio called "The Bimini Brothers", put on a funny, raunchy, 45 minute set before Dave went on. We thought they were hysterically funny, even if they were crude. Sort of a Howard Stern meets Weird Al type of act. They kept handing beer down to Leslie who, not being a beer drinker, passed it along to the rest of us. They even hauled her up on stage to sing along with one of their numbers, which turned out to be a rather rude piece about feminine hygiene products. Instead of caving in from embarrassment, Leslie, the last person I'd ever describe as a "shrinking violet", picked up the tune and the words and floored them with her voice (she's had voice training, you see).

There were only about 30 "Dave Davies" T-shirts Monday night (which Dave brought in himself), but we got our three! The T-shirts are a pretty cool black, white and pink, with the photo from the back of the US printing of "Kink" on the front, and the tour schedule (only the Midwest and East Coast dates) on the back.

The Grand Rapids show wrapped up our trio of Kinks-related shows for the month of November. Neither Leslie nor I can normally stand November, but this was one of the most tremendous months we can remember! It's gonna take all of Thanksgiving Weekend to recover!

I'll say it one last time (I promise!):


RDF #4 - Now, more than ever!
Raving Dave-Fans Unite!

This review first appeared in Kinks Preservation Society mailing list edition Number 759, November 26, 1997.

From: Leslie Ohanian
Subject: Dave in Grand Rapids
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 08:22:23 -0500

For those of you who are still undecided about seeing Dave, a word of advice DO !! Or you will regret it later !

The show in Grand Rapids was the best show yet, in my humble opinion. Dave has a fairly bad cold going right now, but it didn't effect his voice or his enthusiasm one bit !

I had a place right in front of Dave and he flirted shamelessly with me and other audience members. At one point he made sure I was looking at him, crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. If at all possible my smile broadened.

He did a few of the more familiar tunes from past shows, and yes, Joanne he did "Love Gets You" !! About 3/4 into his set he announced that he was going to do a song he'd always liked (another "particular favourite") which turned out to be "Young and Innocent Days". Now that song had never really caught my fancy before, but the way he sang it made even Fritz swoon.

PicksHe had an hysterically funny bit where he put his hands on his temples while the band played "spooky" music. And pretended to be channeling for several people. He started out with "Strawberry Fields" and went on to a snip of "Sunny Afternoon" and "Waterloo Sunset" then spouted gibberish and then came out of the mock trance. It was hilarious !

Right before launching into "Strangers" Dave looked down at me and said that he was going to dedicate the song to me !! Then he leaned down and said he didn't even know my name, so I squeaked "Leslie" and he straightened up and announced that "This song is dedicated to Leslie" ! The English language fails me as to how this made me feel. Happy, hysterically chuffed, well close, but not the real thing ! Joanne isn't it great that he picked this one to dedicate ?

At the end of the set, I handed him flowers (Great idea Joanne !!) and a KPS bumper sticker (thanks Frank !!). He did an abbreviated flower dance and did two more songs. During the encore he brought the flowers back out and set them in front of one of the monitors. But when he left the stage the flowers were still on the monitor, so I had thought he had forgotten them.

My fears were dispelled when he came back after the house lights came back on to pick up the flowers and the bumper sticker. He thanked me for the flowers and when I told him that I had seen him 3 times, he smiled and said, "I knew I recognized you from somewhere !" I said, "Cleveland" and he nodded, "that's right !".

I was floored to be recognized !!!! I managed to stammer out a thank you for dedicating "Strangers" to me, then he signed my AFL1-3603/Glamour CD cover, leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss, and called me "a sweetheart" then leaned over and gave Fritz's sister Mary (a new RDF !!!!) a kiss. This is a step up from being called "a liar" in Chicago when I got his autograph on "Kink" !

On the stuff side, while waiting to get in I asked one of the staff if there were any posters I could have and one of the bouncers gave me one ! I also was given a pick and bought a tee shirt, which are lovely shirts ! The CD is still not available, Dave said that it should be available soon at the shows.

RDF#1, This woman she smiles tonight !

-Leslie M. Ohanian