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Dave at City Winery Chicago, Nov. 12, 2014

Tom Currier on bass
Jonathan Lea

Tom Currier on bass
Tom Currier

Tom Currier on bass
Dennis Diken

The Sit 'N Bull Pub - Maynard, Massachusetts, 8/9/2000

After the tour's rest day, gratefully appreciated by the Traveling RDF's, Dave returned to the place that has become a home away from home, the Sit 'N Bull Pub in Boston's Metrowest. It was a very hot day and it was very hot in the Sit 'N Bull.

The best opener I've ever seen for Dave opened tonight. Sal Baglio is the leader of Boston band "The Stompers", who have made their mark on the Boston music scene with good time, unpretentious rock and roll for two decades. Sal played about a half hour of solo acoustic music, strumming a guitar and sitting at a microphone. His set included two Stompers tunes -- "Never Tell An Angel" and "American Fun" (a song about a girl called Joanne -- no wonder I consider it a particular favorite -- the song describes the girl with the line "she's got a transistor radio logical mind, she keeps it playing in rock and roll time"). Sal has a rock and roll soul. He has songs with titles like "Rock and Roll Love Letter" and "Picture Sleeve." Sal Baglio is the kind of musician who probably considers the 45 to be a holy relic.

It was a very good show, but Dave wasn't quite as "on" tonight as in the previous five shows, and in fact, the audience, by Sit 'N Bull standards, was a little flat. I attribute this to the fact that the band was coming off the rest day and therefore had lost a little momentum; and that it was extremely hot on the stage and in the club. Both Dave and the S'nB audience made up for their relative lack of enthusiasm in the subsequent shows, however.

The most touching moment of the show was a personal dedication. It would have been the 25th wedding anniversary tonight of Olga and her late husband Colin, and Dave dedicated "See My Friends" to Olga and Colin. I doubt I was the only person in the audience with tears in my eyes. Later in the show Dave dedicated "I Am Free" to Sit 'N Bull regular and Dave Show Special Assistant, Jenney Vander Yacht, since it was her birthday.

Tonight's unexpected musical treat was "In You I Believe," always a personal favorite of mine. Another song that is sounding really good is "Too Much On My Mind," which Kristian told me is his favorite song to play. This is a song that demonstrates how much Dave's singing has improved, if you compare the way it sounds now to the way it sounded in the latter years of The Kinks when Dave would frequently sing it in koncert.

Dave continues to open the show with "Charity," which to my way of thinking is a fantastic opener. It is such a great song, but I think for general audiences, "Till the End of the Day" makes a better opener since it's better known. There's nothing like starting with a hit and doing a sizzling version of it to get the audience in your pocket right away.

- Joanne Corsano

Dave on stage at the 'Bull
Photo by Joanne Corsano