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Tom Currier on bass
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Tom Currier on bass
Tom Currier

Tom Currier on bass
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May 30, 1998 Wilmington, DE Show Review

TicketFirst off let me say that I had the best time of my life the last week in May ! I got to travel from Michigan to Delaware to see Dave at the Big Kahuna, in Wilmington, DE and then again the next night in Northampton, MA. And I got to meet a whole bunch of KPSers I've only exchanged emails with; including FranK Lima, his lovely companion Andrea, Kate Hunter, David "Odsie" Fleming, Julie Reid, Chris Locke, Rafaela, Lisa and if I forgot anyone, I'm sorry I'm still recovering from the long drive !!

The Big Kahuna didn't impress me as a great venue the first time I saw it Friday the 29th. A member of the staff, Missy, who I bugged to death and still she gave me free tickets, showed Fritz and I around when we came into town. I mean really ! The stage on "the deck" was a reclaimed cement barge that rose high in the air !

After picking up Joanne and Jimmy from the train station we headed to the venue. It's in what appears to be an area formerly occupied with warehouses. The show was a late one, 10:30 and I had plenty of time to mingle with all of the true hard core fans.

The radio station broadcasting from the Big Kahuna kept referring to Dave as the lead singer (???) of the Kinks and as I mentioned before, credited him with "Lola" and "Come Dancing." !!! The assembled fans kept shouting out "Those are Ray's songs !!!" and a few of us went over and tried to clear up the mess with a clearly uninterested DJ.

Handout for the Big Kahuna showOnce Dave took the stage, the crowd (at least those in front of the stage) couldn't have cared what the rest of the world around us was doing. Despite the hot humid weather, he was clad in the typical long sleeved black shirt and black jeans, and he ROCKED !!

I was so chuffed to hear one of my 'particular favorites' "Hold My Hand" played. Unlike TATNW this version was a slow soulful ballad, and it took my breath away. Fritz got chills when the versatile Dave Nolte started the keyboard intro to "Unfinished Business." WOW, that song never ceases to enthrall me.

After about 2 hours of thoroughly wonderful music and the overt flirting with all the ladies in the front rows, Dave walked down the gangplank to the deck area. Joanne and I ran to give him the traditional bouquet. I got called a sweetheart as I handed Dave the flowers and he gave me a hug, and graciously posed for a picture with me. (by the way, he looks GREAT in the picture, I looked possessed !! All you see of me is eyes and teeth, very scary !) Joanne's wonderful tee shirt she gave to Fritz and I got the attention of Dave, who said he loved it.

Then it was on to Northampton.

- Leslie M. Ohanian

Dave and Leslie
"Dave and friend"
Photo by Joanne Corsano